Data: 25.03.2021

Time: 17:00


Topic: Automotive Diagnostic



You’ll get the answers to these questions:


– How did the „check engine” light get to the dashboard in my car?

– … and why do car dealerships charge so much for deleting it?

– … so how do I delete it for 3$?

– How to check if the car I’m about to buy had an accident?

– How many AUTOSAR engineers does it take to roll back the odometer?



Patryk is an automotive software architect that really likes AUTOSAR and thinks it’s cool. He’s worked in automotive since the year that The Avengers premiered in the cinemas. He’s worked with products for the really expensive french brand that only makes one car and is now german and loses money while selling it, for the other one with the weird horse on their logo, that has the one model that’s called after the USA emergency number and many, many others 🙂


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